Pioneers of the Event Driven Care Team Communications Solutions Market

Extension Healthcare’s Engage™ “one platform” approach improves clinical communication, collaboration, care coordination, and workflow with a specific focus on reducing unnecessary clinical interruptions and improving response to critical patient events. With what is traditionally accomplished using several vendors and platforms, Extension combines comprehensive alarm management with secure communications on a single platform. The Engage platform intelligently notifies clinicians about real-time patient events through context-driven notifications to smartphones and other common mobile communication devices. Designed for enabling situational awareness and timely information sharing across care teams inside and outside the hospital, Engage aggregates alarm, patient, and care team data from a variety of systems including (but not limited to) physiological monitors, nurse call and lab systems, Electronic Health Records (EHR), and location sensing technologies and sends relevant information to enhance the usefulness of alarm and alert notifications. Leveraging the common platform that is purpose built for extensive integration and data aggregation, the Engage Mobile secure texting solution helps to expedite care coordination in response to events. With proven integrations and interoperability in more than 230 hospitals, Extension Healthcare has become a leading solution for improving care quality and patient and caregiver experiences.

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