Unified and Enterprise CC&C Solutions

Extension Engage™ is a scalable, adaptable middleware platform upon which contextual clinical alarms and other time-sensitive event-based notifications are delivered to the most appropriate and available clinician. A unified solution, Engage also provides a means for patient-centric texting – in response to clinical events – for nurses and other staff inside the hospital and providers outside the hospital. Engage is a single source for alarm management and care team communication, which eliminates the burden of having your hospital integrate and manage separate alerting and communication systems from multiple vendors. Engage is the most unique and innovative clinical communication and collaboration solution (CC&C) available to hospitals.

A Highly Configurable Platform

Although Engage can integrate with a virtually limitless number of individual interfaces, what’s remarkable is its simplified architecture and ability to immediately interface with healthcare industry standard data formats such as HL7, SMTP, TAP, XMPP, and web services (SOAP/REST). The simple and clean framework makes Extension Engage an incredibly efficient workflow tool.

Furthermore, Extension understands that no two healthcare facilities are alike. With that in mind, Engage is highly configurable to fit any organizational or departmental workflow needs.

Diagram of the Extension application's architecture
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