Event-Driven Care Team Communication Solutions

Extension Engage™ is used by more than 230 hospitals in the U.S. to manage patient event alarm and alert notifications and to ease care team communication in response to patient events.

The Extension Engage alarm management and event response solution helps nurses and other caregivers prioritize patient needs and better collaborate with care team members.

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Why Engage Is Unmatched

Prioritized and Filtered Events

Below are examples of patient events Engage prioritizes and relays to appropriate and available and caregivers:

Another unique feature of Engage is its ability to gauge criticality and pause the delivery of non-actionable events. Using multi-variable rules, Engage filters events that do not require immediate action, which frees clinicians of unnecessary interruptions. If and when events escalate to “actionable” Engage immediately notifies the responsible person(s).

The Engage alarm management and care team communication app with integrated real-time waveforms helps facilitate clinical collaboration in response to patient events

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More Info

To better understand the Engage solution we suggest you read and watch the following.