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Extension Engage™ is a scalable, adaptable middleware platform upon which clinical alarms and other time-sensitive event-based notifications are delivered to the most appropriate and available clinician, based on their role in the delivery of healthcare. Engage delivers alarms, orders, results, and patient-centric text messages to each user in a uniform manner adapted to their preferred wireless data phone, smartphone, tablet, or communication badge. Alarm context ensures that patients are easily identified, which expedites the care coordination process. Engage can be adapted to a wide variety of devices and clinical systems via common protocols and methods of integration.

Diagram of the Extension application's architecture
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Hospitals can leverage their investment in this clinical communications solution and extend the benefit of their Extension Healthcare deployment through platform interoperability with a wide range of industry-leading medical devices and clinical systems. Through the Extension Interoperability Partner Program we partner with these clinical system providers to design and validate integrated solutions that ensure context-enhanced alarms and notifications are delivered to the most appropriate care team members.

Integration With Key Market Leaders

Patient Monitors:
Hemodynamic Patient Monitors:
Infusion Pumps:
Hemodialysis Systems/CRRT:
BioMedical Device Integration:
Bed/Platform Gateways:
Nurse Call Systems:
EMR/EHR Systems (Includes Lab, Pharmacy, Radiology, Etc.):
Clinical Workflow Systems:
Interface Engines:
RTLS/Location Services:
Patient Engagement and Interactive Patient Systems (IPS):
Building Management Systems

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