Supported Phones

Extension Engage™ is a unified clinical alarm notification, event driven patient-centric text messaging, and care team collaboration solution offered by Extension Healthcare. Extension Engage provides the ability to deliver alarms with contextual information that allow nurses and other caregivers to immediately determine the most appropriate response to each alarm no matter where they are located. Alarms are delivered to clinician’s via their preferred wireless device and include vital patient information to optimize the event response workflow by engaging the entire care team through event driven patient-centric text messaging or by phone. Alarm context ensures that patients are easily identified, which expedites the care coordination process.

The Extension Engage flexible architecture supports corporate-issued VOIP phones and smartphones enabling staff members to communicate bi-directionally regardless of the type of phone they are using. Supported phones include:

Understanding Patient-Centric Texting Download our eBrief to learn how patient-centric texting can be integrated into a comprehensive alarm management and event response strategy.

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