Spectralink Context-Aware Alerts with Spectralink

Extension Healthcare’s clinical alarm safety and event response solutions seamlessly integrate with Spectralink® wireless handset technology. Extension has unified its alarm management and patient-centric text messaging software with the Spectralink® 8400, 8030, and 8020 series wireless handsets as well as the 6020 model handsets and OEM equivalents to connect care givers in any department and enhance the enterprise healthcare experience.

Improve Productivity
Nurses, physicians, and healthcare staff are provided contextual patient information which improves clinical and operational workflows.

Automatic Notifications
Aggregates data from various clinical IT systems and other medical devices, and delivers time-sensitive alerts and notifications to Spectralink® WiFi handsets.

Enterprise Communications
Extension Healthcare marries Spectralink® handsets with smartphones enabling better care team collaboration.

Extension on Spectralink

Select an image to see how Extension’s advanced alarm management and event response application appears on a Spectralink® 8400 Series VoIP phone.

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