Optimizing Nurse Call Systems with CC&C Integration

While nurse call systems can help to facilitate patient-to-nurse communication, CNO’s need to advocate for a more robust, more functional, and more accommodating solution for their nursing staff – one that facilitates communications across the entire care team and not just centered on nurses. The traditional nurse call system leaves a lot to be desired for caregivers who need more data and need to respond quickly. These limitations can be overcome by integrating the nurse call system with a CC&C platform like Extension Engage and its smartphone companion, Engage Mobile.

Nurse Call with Extension Engage Integration

This simple chart highlights some examples of how the Engage solution can help to optimize your hospital’s nurse call system.
Nurse Call with Engage Integration Benefits to Nursing Staff and Patients
CONTEXT: All notifications contain data/context about patient, event, and care team. Context at the point-of-care informs and expedites next steps.
EVENT-DRIVEN TEXTING: Alerts are tied to texts. Nurses can initiate event-driven text messaging with care team members and patient and event data/context is shared automatically. Communication is simplified as nurses have instant access to alert details and care team members including those in and outside of the hospital.
UNIFIED SOLUTION: Nurse call alerts are prioritized alongside medical device alarms, critical lab notifications, orders, text messages, etc. enabling the nurse to stay focused on critical events. A unified platform for managing alarms and alerts reduces stress and improves patient safety as events are automatically prioritized and communicated efficiently.
STAFF ASSIGNMENT/DIRECTORY AND PRESENCE: Integrated with location-sensing (i.e. presence) technologies and a dynamic care team directory, the CC&C platform skips and escalates notifications when needed based on nurse location, availability, role, and patient/room assignments. Time spent looking for resources is reduced and nurses can easily identify appropriate and available care team members, specialist, etc.
TONES: Different tones – and annunciated alerts – denote urgency and type of event. Hands-free awareness helps nurses stay on task and helps prioritize next steps.

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