Says All Clinicians, ”We Want Data!”

Without information you just have a situation that needs to be resolved. With information, you have situational awareness in which to resolve the situation.

A white paper from the AAMI Foundation’s HTSI Safety Innovation series, “Healthcare Alarm Safety – What We Can Learn From Military Alarm Management Strategies”, emphasizes the role of context in the clinical decision making process. The main problem, according to Daniel McFarlane, Sc.D. of Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories, is that “These alarms are not being delivered to their nursing consumers with enough contextual metadata to provide an understanding of their meaning or relative importance.”

Through a sophisticated multi-variable rules-based engine, Extension Engage intelligently delivers contextual patient event notifications and facilitates care team communication across the entire hospital enterprise (and outside hospital walls), allowing care teams to collaborate from any location and across any mobile device.

Four different examples of the Extension Mobile App
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Read this blog on the various types of clinical context Engage provides:

Four different examples of the Extension Mobile App
Example of Engage Data Aggregation: Information presented to the caregiver’s smartphone is aggregated from many systems including ADT, EHR, Nurse Call, Staff Assignment, Active Directory, Lab, Pharmacy, RFID/RTLS, medical devices, and more. Download image

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