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It’s Not Just About the Alarms; Reducing Failure to Rescue

Watch this presentation by Christina Taylor, RN, MSN, CCRN, and Nurse Manager, and Kristina Foard, RN, MSNEd, SCRN, and Nurse Practice Specialist from Wake Forest Baptist discuss how Extension Engage™ has helped Wake Forest Baptist manage alarms.

Engage™ Mobile with AirStrip Patient Monitoring

In the fast-paced environment of critical care, context is king. Caregivers have grown accustomed to more intuitive clinical alarm notifications as the standard of care has moved beyond simple pagers. Extension Engage Mobile with AirStrip Patient Monitoring (PM) combines an immersive alarm and event response environment with one-button visibility to live views of the continuous waveforms and the patient monitor.

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Market Trends – Counting Down to Alarm Safety Readiness: Interesting Results from AAMI 2015 Unscientific Survey

During the 2015 AAMI Annual Conference in Denver and we conducted our own mini-survey of attendees to gauge hospital’s state of readiness towards clinical alarm safety. I will state up front that this was a relatively small sample size, completely informal, and unscientific – but nevertheless the results did uncover some interesting data and trends. The participants were primarily biomedical managers as one would expect from the focus of the AAMI conference. The cross section of hospitals covered a mix of different types of facilities and also covered a decent cross section of the US.

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Proven Results With University of Maryland Medical Center

Learn how University of Maryland Hospital for Children’s award-winning care delivery was achieved along with dramatic improvements in National Resuscitation compliance in collaboration with Extension Engage™.

Continued Success with the Customer Advisory Council

Extension Healthcare’s Customer Advisory Council meets annually and enables current Engage users to provide insights about their experiences with the solution as well as guidance for future implementations and improvements. Contact Dr. Mary Jahrsdoerfer, Chief Nursing Officer at Extension Healthcare, to join, or to learn more about the Customer Advisory Council: 

Experience the Extension Engage Difference

Critical care nurses are the first responders on scene to a distressed patient in a potentially life-threatening situation, which is why it’s important to prevent compromising situations from occurring. A more sophisticated alarm platform capable of determining caregiver presence ensures critical patient event alarms are automatically delivered to the most appropriate and available caregiver.

Several factors differentiate Extension Engage from other offerings:

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