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Reduced Falls at Acute Care Hospital With Extension

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Learn how one 240-bed, acute care hospital collaborated with Extension Healthcare to decrease patient falls by delivering bed exit alarms to nurses on mobile phones. After implementing Engage™ Mobile, the hospital achieved a 40% reduction in patient falls over the first two years with an ROI of $1.06 million.This represents a decrease in patient falls from 3.27 per 1,000, to 1.97 per 1,000 in one year.

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Proven Results With University of Maryland Medical Center

Learn how University of Maryland Hospital for Children’s award-winning care delivery was achieved along with dramatic improvements in National Resuscitation compliance in collaboration with Extension Engage™. 

Improving HCAHPS scores and patient satisfaction

With hospital reimbursements now tied to specific quantifiable measures, the need to invest in solutions that meet these patient safety guidelines is essential to covering all the care delivery bases. Extension customers record significant reductions in patient falls, and improvements in HCAHPS scores measuring patient satisfaction and quietness by reducing the need for noisy overhead paging systems, which are often cited as a nuisance and a barrier to recovery.

The Bigger Picture

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Executive leadership and support for a comprehensive clinical communication and collaboration strategy are essential to its success. As a managing director, it’s also important that you commission your alarm steering committee to look at the bigger picture of unifying alarms, alerts, and text messages.

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Experience the Extension Difference

The members of a hospital’s C-Suite are tasked with challenges that are wider in scope because they require solutions that satisfy and appropriately balance the goals and desires of all stakeholders – patients, nurses, physicians, IT – as they also manage various enterprise rules, regulatory compliance measures, and other process improvement guidelines designed to facilitate better patient outcomes and clinical efficiencies.

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A Methodical Approach to Care Coordination and Care Team Communication
(From left to right: Real-time care team directory; Prioritized patient event notifications; Event-driven text messaging, Context at the point-of-care) Download image

Several factors differentiate Extension Engage from other offerings:

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