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Extension Engage™ at NYU Langone Medical Center

Watch this 30-minute presentation by NYU Langone Medical Center’s Nancy Beale, MSN, BSN, RN-BC and Vice President of Clinical Systems and Integration. Nancy addresses the key components of a comprehensive communication and alarm management system including factors important for implementing technologies into nursing workflows.

Clinical Alarm Safety and Collaboration Technologies IT Leaders Can Embrace

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The Engage clinical communication and collaboration middleware was purpose-built for healthcare. Designed to improve clinical workflows and reduce alarm fatigue, the unified Engage™ Mobile app manages alarm and alert notifications, and facilitates care team collaboration through secure, event-driven text messaging.

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A Highly Configurable Platform

The primary difference between the Extension Engage platform and other mobile texting and alerting apps, from the perspective of a hospital IT director, is the ease in managing multiple clinical systems and medical devices from a single platform versus multiple servers, and enabling caregivers across the network to communicate using a combination of existing hospital distributed devices, pagers, and badges as well as BYOD smartphones.

Diagram of the Extension application's architecture
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Integrates with Standard Data Formats

Standard Data Formats

Extension Engage is the most comprehensive communication and collaboration platform available. By utilizing standard data formats, Engage is capable of integrating with most common hospital devices and phones as well as clinical information systems and medical devices – all from a single appliance.

Experience the Extension Engage Difference

Extension Engage is the only clinical communication and collaboration solution that unifies alarms, alerts, and text messages into a single platform simplifying management of these workflows for the hospital IT department, and enhancing the experience for clinical users.

Several factors differentiate Extension Engage from other offerings:

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