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Professional & Support Services
The Extension Healthcare Professional Services (PS) organization is responsible for the initial six phases of the Implementation Lifecycle. This lifecycle may be used multiple times as a hospital organization expands their Extension deployment as a user adoption increases. This depends on the number of project phases and ongoing service engagements.

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FAQ’s: Secure Texting with Extension Engage Mobile
Whether your hospital needs help reducing alarm loads from medical devices or other clinical systems or simply needs a secure platform for texting, we’ve got you covered with a single unified platform. Engage is a scalable, event-driven care team communication platform designed to meet the immediate and future needs of caregivers.

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Scalability & Performance Metrics for an Event Driven Clinical Communication & Collaboration Solution
One of the key contributing factors to the success of a Clinical Communications and Collaboration (CC&C) solution is ensuring the end-user experience is optimized. Because of the power and architecture of the Extension Engage platform, Extension provides several key features or capabilities that address the usability and safety aspects of the Engage Mobile app in some very unique ways.

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Extension Engage Mobile with Airstrip Patient Monitoring: Enterprise Clinical Communication and Collaboration Solution
In the fast paced environment of critical care, context is king. Clinicians have grown accustomed to more intuitive clinical alarm notifications as the standard of care has moved beyond simple pagers. Extension Engage Mobile with AirStrip Patient Monitoring (PM) combines an immersive alarm and event response environment with one-button visibility to live views of the continuous waveforms and the patient monitor in a collaborative event response environment.

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Extension Engage Mobile with Zebra: A Healthy Approach to Alarm Management, Care Team Collaboration and Patient Care
Clinicians today are struggling with how to manage the constant barrage of alarms and alerts on top of their other daily duties. While these alarms have been instrumental in saving lives, they have also resulted in one unexpected side effect: Alarm fatigue. That is why hospitals across the country are turning to Extension Healthcare’s Engage Mobile application and Zebra’s MC40 mobile devices to support more patient-centric communications that ultimately result in improved patient care.

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Collateral for All Stakeholders Good Reading

Click on the link(s) below that best suits your role in the hospital. There you will find relevant collateral on the Extension Engage alarm management and event response solution.

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Patient-Centric Texting

If you think you know all about texting applications in healthcare, think again. There are more than 70 vendors with “secure texting applications” for hospitals but only 1, Extension Engage, is radically changing caregiver communication. Read this brochure to learn what patient-centric texting is and how Extension Engage offers a unified approach to managing alarms, alerts, and texting notifications.

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Patient Centric Texting Infographic

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Enterprise Brochure

Extension Engage Enterprise Alarm Safety and Event Response Overview
Extension Engage is a revolutionary clinical workflow software platform. Engage is the core of all Extension bundled solutions aggregating data from multiple clinical IT systems and delivering near real-time alerts to clinicians. This brochure is a high-level overview of Extension Healthcare and how our solutions align with the universal goals of healthcare systems.

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Solution Briefs

Nurse Call Alert
Learn how an advanced alarm management and notification solution provides a comprehensive clinical event response workflow that intelligently manages alerts and alarms and facilitates care team communication from a single system.

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Critical Lab Notification
Learn how an advanced alarm safety and event response platform utilizes flexible rules-based escalation paths that allow hospitals to meet The Joint Commission’s critical lab results validation requirements.

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Clinical Order Notification
Learn how Extension Engage facilitates the delivery of clinical order notifications with contextual information to clinicians on their mobile phones alerting them to an actionable event. Recipients are notified from any any location without the need to access and login to a PC to retrieve order information.

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Full Report Notification
Learn how Extension Engage provides physicians or other appropriate caregivers with an automatic notification when reports including radiology, cardiology, or pathology become available. Reports are formatted for the caregiver’s preferred wireless phone, smartphone, or tablet.

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Medical Device Alarm Notification
Learn how Extension Engage integrates with the most common inpatient medical devices including physiological monitors, ventilators, smart beds, and other devices for secondary alarm notification, and manages alarms generated by multiple other medical alert systems.

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