UMMC Leverages Clinical Communication and Collaboration Solutions to Improve Care Team Communication and Care Delivery
Listen to this 1-hour webinar as clinical and biomed leaders at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) and University of Maryland Children’s Hospital (UMCH) explain how outdated technologies and processes once hindered efficient care team communication and impacted clinical workflows. Learn as they share best practices for improving alarm management, data sharing at the point-of-care, and care team communication.

Webinar Objectives:

Guest Speakers Include:

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Alarm Middleware Vendor Roundtable: Cutting Through the Confusion

ECRI Institute hosted a web conference that middleware vendors provided overviews of their systems. “Alarm Middleware Vendor Roundtable: Cutting Through the Confusion” is an objective web conference with dedicated Q&A time that allowed participants to ask specific questions to alarm middleware vendors. Participants can hear from a variety of middleware vendors, giving them the opportunity to learn what each system offers and how to make better informed purchasing decisions. This webinar recording is available to purchase for $249.

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Alarm Fit Webinar 4-Part Series

If your hospital’s alarm conditions are giving you high blood pressure and causing stress, this webinar series is for you. Each webinar offers guidance that will help strengthen your alarm safety strategy and ensure you are Alarm Fit! You will learn from industry experts how to develop a comprehensive and sustainable alarm management policies and processes that will reduce alarm fatigue and protect your patients from unnecessary safety risks.

Each webinar is planned in succession because developing a strong core is essential to long-term success. You are highly encourage to attend each session starting with basic training. By the end of the series you will have the knowledge to guide your alarms steering committee on the road to compliancy.

AAMI Healthcare Technology Safety Institute (HTSI) Webinar Series

This seven-part webinar series hosted by the AAMI Foundation focuses on the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goal on Alarm Management. The webinar series outlines the complexity of issues related to alarm systems and the events that have occurred in the past two years that have led to the spotlight on alarm systems and alarm fatigue. Extension Healthcare is a proud sponsor of AAMI’s HTSI webinar series.

EHR-extenders (EHR-e)

Mobilizing Information from Clinical Systems to Improve Care Delivery and Satisfaction

Mobilizing Information From Clinical Systems to Improve Care Delivery and Satisfaction

Download this 1 hour webinar to hear how the largest health system in California (Palomar Health ) is securely transferring data trapped in the HIS/EHR to the caregiver’s mobile device to maximize patient and staff satisfaction, and improve patient safety.

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