What is Advanced Alarm Management? Basic Alerting Systems: A Barrage of Uncalculated Notifications

When basic alerting systems were introduced to the hospital market many years ago their ability to alert caregivers of patient events was well received. For years, medical staff has relied on basic alerting systems to help them meet the needs of their patients. Unfortunately, the accepted standard includes simplistic alerting systems devoid of the context needed to appropriately evaluate the patient’s situation and respond appropriately. Further, these basic systems transmit a barrage of alerts to nurses and other staff, many of which require no clinical intervention, and often create unwanted noise and interruptions throughout the hospital. Over time, these legacy “solutions” that were intended to improve the daily lives of caregivers have in fact led to workflows complicated by unmanaged alerts and stressful work environments. In some cases, the mismanagement of alerts has contributed to alarm fatigue and patient safety issues prompting The Joint Commission’s new National Patient Safety Goal on clinical alarms.

Advanced Alarm Management Leads to Alarm Safety

Extension Engage is a next generation alarm safety and event response solution. The Engage platform uses advanced rules to deliver calculated alerts and alarm notifications to intended nurses and other medical staff. Contextual notifications facilitate situational awareness in which caregivers can better determine a treatment plan for their patients. Developed with the input of real nurses and physicians, Engage provides for an enhanced user experience – one that doesn’t cause interruptions to existing workflows. Engage allows caregivers to collaborate with one another through single-touch voice calls and patient-centric text messaging. Alarm context ensures that patients are easily identified, which expedites the care coordination process. An enterprise solution, caregivers can use their preferred VoIP phone or smartphone and even establish interoperability between different phones and vendors. Before Engage, there were no comparable solutions available to hospitals.

Optimized User Experience: Engage Mobile Smartphone App

Extension is constantly improving its technology to further enhance the daily lives of users and to improve patient safety. Extension set out to create the most optimized user experience possible by enabling advanced event response via the Extension Engage Mobile Smartphone application. Utilizing the Engage Mobile smartphone app, clinical staff can experience:

Extension recognizes that care team collaboration is critical to event response and patient safety. After all, it’s not just about the alarm – it’s what you do with it that matters. Ask how the Extension Engage Mobile Smartphone app can improve alarm safety at your facility. Contact: Information@ExtensionHealthcare.com.

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