Using Presence Using Presence to Route Alarm Notifications

Unlike first generation alerting systems, Extension Engage combines the use of advanced rules, Presence (location) data, and staff assignments to intelligently route alerts, alarms, and notifications to appropriate caregivers or other hospital staff.

We can better illustrate the difference between traditional alerting systems with Extension’s next generation alarm management middleware with a simple example of “skip” notifications. Imagine Nurse Sally is assigned to a patient, Mr. Jones, in room 303. Nurse Sally is tending to another patient in isolation when Mr. Jones starts a run of VTach. Extension’s advanced rules engine – integrated with Presence and staff assignment – can be configured to “skip” Nurse Sally and immediately notify her back up of the critical event. Configurations like this can be designed based on hospital or departmental needs.

Extension Engage reduces the incidence of alarms being distributed needlessly which can contribute to a reduction of alarm fatigue.