Proactive Support

A Customer Health Check is a key component of the Extension Engage Assurance Program. The user experience and system reliability are paramount to customer satisfaction and ultimately, patient safety.

In order to ensure a positive experience, Extension clinical and engineering associates will periodically conduct system Health Checks for your facility. The Health Checks include clinical workflow and technical performance reviews. Extension conducts these complimentary reviews to confirm that your organization is utilizing the Engage solution to its fullest potential and that your staff is satisfied with the results.

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What to Expect

During the Health Check, Extension associates will communicate with appointed hospital contacts regarding software updates, new capabilities, new device adapters, as well as performing proactive clinical and technical reviews to make sure the system is stable and continues to run smoothly.

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What is Included in a Clinical Review? A clinical review includes a review of current workflows, discussion of options for adding additional capabilities and/or workflows, gathering customer feedback, other clinical recommendations and best practices.

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What is Included in a Technical Review? A Technical review includes a solution performance review, a solution stability review, a disaster recovery review, a configuration review, other technical recommendations and best practices.

A Collaborative Process

We consider the relationships with our customers to be long-term partnerships. The goal of improving patient care and clinical collaboration is a shared objective so in order to get the most out of your Health Check we require hospital involvement.

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