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At Extension, we recognize that no two hospitals are exactly alike and nuances often arise in implementation that require both clinical knowledge and IT expertise. Extension employs a team of IT-oriented nurses whose primary responsibility is to work closely with hospitals to carefully review clinical workflow processes and make recommendations that will enhance the quality of care while reducing the volume of alarms and alerts and improving care team collaboration through secure text messaging. Post implementation reviews are completed after every install so that we can improve processes and fill gaps if necessary. Those lessons learned are integrated into all new customer projects ensuring we get better with each and every installation.

Extension’s clinically-trained IT experts speak the same language as its customers, helping to bridge the knowledge gap between the needs of clinicians, IT, and the policies that bind hospital process. Combined with its advanced communication and clinical workflow solutions and a thorough delivery model, Extension empowers customers to stay focused and do what they do best – take care of their patients.

“Partnerships are not formed around good software, they are built between good people. To that end, Parkland seeks out partnerships with vendors that meet our customer service and functionality needs.”
– Matt Kull, SVP and CIO, Parkland Memorial Hospital

Key Value Points

Our Implementation Team

Extension Healthcare’s implementation team consists of Clinical Informatics Specialists (CIS), Implementation Engineers (IE), and Project Managers (PM). All three roles are crucial to a successful deployment.

Clinical Informatics Specialist (CIS)

Implementation Engineers (IE)

Project Manager (PM)

Six Phases of Implementation

Extension digs a little deeper to ensure the customer is satisfied with the solution and that it is improving patient care and outcomes.

Extension's project implementation process
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Implementation Methodology

Periodic Project Report provides customers with more information on a projects status, such as roadmap, milestones, active tasks, and all tasks. Download image

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